In addition to providing advertisement from remote controlled airships - we also provide aerial photography/videography from mult-rotor aircraft.  We are FAA approved and operate in accordance with FAA Part 333 rules.  There are countless applications for this type of application.  

Why Use Airships?

How can you ensure that nearly 100% of all in attendance at a sporting event, trade show, etc. sees your advertisement?  Simple.....advertise on one of our advertising blimps.    

Additional Benifits

We can carry business cards, coupons, tickets, etc. on our advertising blimps and drop them safely over the crowd.  You can't beat the visibility your company will get advertising with us.

Our History

Over The Top Airships has been the premier advertising airship company in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex for over 10 years.   Advertising airships provide a unique way to put your ad above the rest.  Imagine being able to get EVERYONE in a stadium or venue to read your company name or message.   Advertising from one of our airships at a sporting event, trade show, fair, concert, etc. is a way to ensure your ad is placed above the rest.

 You may have seen us in action at some of these venues:

  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Cotton Bowl 2015, 2016
  • Harvest America
  • NCAA 2014 - AT&T Stadium
  • Dallas Stars
  • Dallas Mavericks
  • Texas Legends
  • UTA Arlington
  • Texas Stars
  • The Roadshow Tour
  • ​Fort Worth Brahmas
  • Fort Worth Flyers

Advertising from an airship is the best way to get your product, company or sports team noticed.  an advertising airship can make a lasting impression and create brand identification with your target market.

Place your ad above the rest!